ČZU cooperates with the Prague 2 Municipal District on a project of adaptation to climate change

The impetus for the whole project was the situation in the Grébovka vineyard - a key landscape element of the Havlíčkovy sady park, where in 2018, due to climate change and the method of irrigation, significant plant wilting occurred. The aforementioned irrigation was inefficient and was carried out only by sprinkling water from the water supply system, which was very ineffective due to the slope of the vineyard. The project in Havlíčkovy sady was therefore communicated from the beginning as a pilot project within the framework of a long-term cooperation with ČZU.

The project itself is embedded in the long-term framework project Smart Landscape, which is under the auspices of the CVPK at ČZU, whose aim is to propose systemic measures and adjustments in the landscape. The aim of the measures is to create a system of sensors that will enable efficient controlled irrigation, i.e., the retention and subsequent use of rainwater diverted into a reservoir from the eaves of buildings above the vineyard. A retention basin would then be created at the bottom of Havlíčkovy sady to retain rainwater from the park paths and from the roofs of the buildings in that area. As part of the pilot project, the above-mentioned feasibility study has been prepared and the preparation of the tender documentation will now follow.

"Thanks to the measures, the urban landscape will be able to withstand expected climate changes, e.g., greater temperature fluctuations, higher average temperature, different distribution of precipitation, etc.," explains Ing. Vladimír Zdražil, Ph.D., Secretary of the Faculty of Environment of ČZU.

In addition to Havlíčkovy Sady, other specific locations in the Prague 2 district where some of the proposed measures (vertical green walls, green facades, green roofs) could be implemented were identified on the basis of the initial analysis and evaluation of the current situation. For example, shading off the playgrounds at the Na Smetance Primary School from Italská Street, the greening of Anglické Street between Škrétová and Rubešová, Francouzská Street (on the left side above Náměstí Míru) or the greening of the small house at the playground of Šumavská Primary School, which is a frequent target of sprayers, etc.

"The proposed measures could significantly reduce the negative impacts of the so-called urban heat island on the residents and thus improve the overall environment in our district," said Councillor Václav Vondrášek, who is responsible for the environment. "In places that cannot be planted with trees in the usual way, we would like to place green vertical facades or vertical mobile walls," explains the deputy mayor. "We also intend to cultivate the central strip in Varšavská Street in the stretch between Máchová and Čermáková Streets, where there are no utilities in the ground. Here we would like to restore trees and create a seating area with water features. We are at the beginning, but our goal is to improve the quality of life," added Václav Vondrášek.

The area around the Botičská Primary School and the walls around Havlíčkovy Sady could also be greened. The number of places with water features will also increase significantly. In addition to fountains and drinking fountains, there are already various misting points in the parks of Prague 2, which will be certainly appreciated by park visitors on hot summer days.

"The project also includes the possibility of landscaping the courtyards and, for example, the large asphalt area under the Nusle Bridge, and the related revitalization and improvement of the microclimate along the Botič Stream in Folimanka," said Councilman Jan Recman, who is responsible for the project. "Our goal is to implement available measures leading to environmental and air quality improvement and revitalisation of the public space to eliminate temperature extremes," Recman added.

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