MONETA Money Bank cooperates with ČZU on the project SMART LANDSCAPE 2030+

MONETA Money Bank has concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Centre for Water, Soil and Landscape (CVPK), which operates under the Czech University of Life Sciences. The main subject of the cooperation is to support a Smart landscape project near Lány. The aim of the CVPK project is to create and pilot test a landscape adapted to climate change and 2030+ conditions.

"MONETA's environmental policy is based on the obligation to be responsible for the environmental impact of its activities and to seek innovative solutions. We are convinced that the Smart Landscape 2030+ project is such an innovative solution. That is why we are very proud to become a partner of this project and I believe that our cooperation will be long-term and will bring concrete results," said Tomáš Spurný, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MONETA Money Bank. 

The pilot project of the Centre for Water, Soil and Landscape in the Amálie locality is an area of approximately 500 hectares defined by the catchments Brejlský potok and Králův luh. This area is now being systematically transformed into the first ever so-called Smart landscape, which means that with the help of biotechnical measures such as retention and storage tanks, wetlands, drainage control systems or modern irrigation systems, the landscape is being adapted to long-term drought conditions, but also to conditions of torrential rainfall and temperature changes. "Drought and floods are two sides of the same coin that have a common solution. The Smart Landscape will be a realised vision of a functional solution for both of these extremes, and I am very pleased that we are gaining such a strong partner for this project," says Petr Sklenička, Rector of ČZU and also the main coordinator of the CVPK.

The MONETA Group has been committed to long-term sustainability for a long time and is very active in environmental responsibility. It works closely with CDP, an organisation that helps companies around the world with monitoring and publishing information on their environmental performance, with a particular focus on climate protection. The Group has one of the largest corporate fleets of electric vehicles in the country. It supplies its branches and headquarters exclusively with green energy, and last year introduced a new waste management system that resulted in an 84% reduction in plastic consumption. In 4 years, it has managed to reduce its overall carbon footprint by more than 43%.


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